Zubehör - ADLER - Tools Made in Germany
Get the best out of your tools


      To ensure that you can enjoy your tools for a lifetime, you will find sharpening stones, care products, gloves and other accessories for your axe or hoe here.

      Regular sharpening is simply a must if you want to keep your axe in top shape. With the sharpening stones from our friends at Straight Grain Supply from the USA, which are available in different grit sizes, you are best equipped to sharpen your axe or hatchet razor-sharp again.

      To take care of the wooden handle of your tool, we offer a balm made of beeswax and linseed that will restore the shine to the handle of your tool. It is handmade and imported by us directly from the United States of America.

      In order to get long-term joy from your tools while working in the nature in any weather, we recommend high-quality leather gloves. Reinforced work gloves help you to work safely for a long time - while still being timelessly chic in the brown leather look.